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This is a BETA version of a comic sales tracker (price guide). What makes this different from GPA, CovrPrice, GoCollect or other price guides? The biggest difference is that this guide tracks sales from Instagram verified sales as well as sales from participating retailers. In this day of collecting many sales occur outside of eBay or major auction houses especially for rare, niche, or high end books so this is an effort to capture that information, What else makes this different, we aim to include CBCS books as well as CGC. While there has been a focus on CGC for many years CBCS is becoming more prevalent and in many cases has reached price parity.

Finally once enough data has been entered the plan is to allow for plotting of trends, price data, and technical details similar to stock trades (ie Fibonacci retracements, normalized value comparisons, etc.)

Give the search a try and keep in mind this is BETA and therefore WILL have bugs and is limited In the current data sets. The near term plan is to grab data on about 50-100 books and then slowly build out from there once the kinks are worked out. Want to help or provide sales data, drop me a note.

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